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You want to start saving for your kid's future but you're not sure what account is best

You know you can save for college but you also want to save for other expenses (like a house down payment)

You don't know what to look for when considering different types of accounts


Hi! I'm Alli Williams

My husband and I live in South Carolina with our 2 sons on a 25 acre farm (that's where this photo was taken!)

By the time my oldest son was 1, he had a net worth of over $10,000. Our 6 month old is on track to surpass that!

Before they were even born we created a plan for how we were going to save and invest for their futures.

This course has everything you need to know about each type of account plus I share what accounts we have for our sons.

Not only do I have my MBA in Finance but I have helped HUNDREDS of people with their finances. I have also been featured in Business Insider, Nerdwallet, WSPA News 7, and more.

Whether you have kids already or want kids in the future, you will be fully prepared after this course.


Q. When will I stop getting access to the course?

You'll have access for as long as this course exists! Even when the price increases or updates are made in the future. Buy it now, have it forever!

Q. What is the format?

It is a mix of videos, worksheets, and written text. It is designed for you to get tips quickly so you can take action now.

Q. Can I move at my own pace?

Yes! Upon enrollment, you’ll gain access to all the modules right away.

Q: Why is there sales tax?

Some states require us to collect sales tax on digital sales. Thank you for your support.